Sunday, August 11, 2019

Staying on Course to Your Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Staying on Course to Your Success - Essay Example As an adopter of ‘on course’ principles, I wish to elaborate the ‘on course’ elements and how they can be incorporated to bring positive results, and thus, success in daily activities and thoughts. For success in one’s education, he or she must be willing to perform the creation role, as opposed to the victimization role. What does this mean? Being a creator implies that one acknowledges and takes responsibility for their course of actions or thoughts. In other words, a person adopts self-responsibility as aforementioned. As an elaboration, ‘on course’s’ self responsibility as an element requires one to perceive the primary causes of their experiences and outcomes as self. This, as opposed to seeing oneself as a victim, helps in guiding the person to focus on ways of changing their course of actions to make their situations better than they currently are. Contrary to victims, creators (the self-responsible ones) do not blame extern al factors like luck, fate, or other powerful individuals as the cause of their predicaments. Applied in education, creators are able to own their dissatisfying academic results, with an optimism of revising more and discussing with their classmates in an attempt to improve their grades. Such students also identify where they could have gone wrong previously to warrant such wanting results, maybe they missed classes, or failed to consult their instructors. The outcome of such self-analysis and meditation results in creators outlining their success activities. Victims, on the other hand, will fault family problems, errors in marking and ex cetera for their diminished performances. It is ones mandate to choose whether they prefer being a creator to being a victim. My advice for those who aspire to be successful is to opt for creator roles. Many successful stories have been linked to positive self-image. This implies that for one to succeed, they must believe in themselves and posses h igh levels of self-esteem. How can this lead to a success story? Positive self-image implies that one perceive themselves worthy as individuals. This has a great impact on their attitude towards life and its challenges thus they are capable of transforming negative situations into positive ones. Often, self-esteem and mastery of self-management go hand in hand. As such, individuals with high self-esteem also know how to plan for their activities geared towards achievement of their dreams and goals. In contrast, people with low self-esteem do not consider themselves worthy individuals; instead, they doubt their personal worth as well as their competence. Such people will always doubt their ability to make their outcomes and experiences desirable, and appear frustrated and depressed. In addition, those with low self-esteem show tendencies of failing to plan effectively for their actions. Consider the cliche that ‘no man is an island’ However outdated it seems, this phrase holds true if success is to be achieved. One must develop interdependence in order to achieve their goals. This is helpful because through sharing, one learns new things, as well as teaches others what they know. As such, interdependence brings mutual benefits that are crucial in the steps towards success. In addition, forming supportive relationships brings with it the satisfaction of helping others with one‘s knowledge. That in itself helps in enhancing self-esteem, in that one will view him or herself capable of creating a positive impact in life.

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