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Unit 6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 6 - Assignment Example For client security and administration, a comparative language should be set up. The workers need to keep up great open connection designs with the objective clients. In doing as such, clients feel invited and esteemed. It additionally advances the business deals. In another manner, a couple of representatives without English information may learn about left and estranged from other people who are brisk in communicating in English. They may think they are being tattled in the work environment. Contrasts in working environment dies down administrators organization such changes. The disciplinary activity should be obvious to everybody. The disciplinary approach in working environment guarantees that each part adheres to the orders. The representatives are henceforth mindful of the repercussions that go with violating of the law. Information on the impacts of law breaking will deflect them from poor acts in the work environment. In this way, in close to home view, measures upholding English talking just at the working environment are acceptable whenever executed well. They result to great client care and an improvement in open connection designs (Ekkens and Winke 270). Ekkens, Kristin, and Paula Winke. â€Å"Evaluating Workplace English Language Programs.† Language Assessment Quarterly 2009 : 265â€287. Recovered from

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SWOT Analysis and Balanced Scorecard for Community Coffee Research Paper

SWOT Analysis and Balanced Scorecard for Community Coffee - Research Paper Example There is additionally a developing inclination among Americans for free bistros contrasted with national establishments Increased interest for espresso mixes in rustic territories of the United States Threats The ongoing monetary downturn and ensuing vulnerability have diminished utilization Recent wellbeing results that have demonstrated espresso to have some negative symptoms, regardless of others indicating it is beneficial for you. This demonstrations to befuddle the watchful client. Increasing expenses of dairy and espresso items that can't be anticipated yet could seriously affect the espresso business Strategic Objectives Community Coffee is outfitted more to a business procedure, particularly since it concerns rivalry inside a particular market (Nair, 2010), for example bistros. It follows that they should set up an upper hand over its opponents. So as to accomplish this, Community Coffee needs to construct their methodology on separation of items. This will add to an upper h and and shield the business from value wars in the business. It is likewise significant for Community Coffee to consider extending broadly, which will be fused into the monetary part of the scorecard. At last, the assorted variety of the areas that Community Coffee tries to work in might make it hard to get a huge piece of the overall industry. They have to fuse a quicker assistance pace to praise an in a hurry client base; what's more, changing in accordance with a more slow pace for the provincial bistros that require a more amiable and more slow pace since everybody there is network (Nair, 2010). Network Coffee should fuse the two components in its general technique. Adjusted Score Card Financial Perspective On the target concerning income development, Community Coffee needs to focus on showcase broadening... Network Coffee is equipped more to a business system, particularly since it concerns rivalry inside a particular market (Nair, 2010), for example bistros. It follows that they should build up an upper hand over its opponents. So as to accomplish this, Community Coffee needs to construct their technique on separation of items. This will add to an upper hand and shield the business from value wars in the business. It is additionally significant for Community Coffee to consider extending broadly, which will be consolidated into the money related part of the scorecard. At long last, the assorted variety of the areas that Community Coffee looks to work in might make it hard to snatch a noteworthy piece of the pie. They have to fuse a quicker assistance pace to praise an in a hurry client base; what's more, changing in accordance with a more slow pace for the provincial coffeehouses that require a more amiable and more slow pace since everybody there is network (Nair, 2010). Network Coffee should fuse the two components in its general procedure. On the goal concerning income development, Community Coffee needs to focus on showcase broadening (Nair, 2010). Network Coffee means to take into account both urban and urban provincial customer base with their point being to have in any event 6% piece of the overall industry in the rustic territories and 3% piece of the pie, in the urban zones, by 2014. The key marker of execution will help in estimating this goal with the major comparable measure being rate income increment.

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Is Your Article Linking Strategy Distracting Readers

Is Your Article Linking Strategy Distracting Readers Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Is Your Article Linking Strategy Distracting Readers?Updated On 17/04/2017Author : Amit SharmaTopic : Featured SEOShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogTo some extent, article linking strategy is highly beneficial for well knit content strategy. But if done in excess, distracts readers a lot. And instead of rewards, what you will get you knows that all.So what will be the outcome, when your article points to uncountable links?Readers will never make it to the end. Whatever zest you have applied writing an article, but they will not read it if there are links in excess which keeps on distracting them.Readers will just roam around through web pages, loitering around through them, sometimes lands up on the web pages which is not of their interest(going off the topic).Your hard work will go in vain, as readers will consider it distracting rath er than the intent with which you have written(to make it beneficial to the users).What`s the issue? Reason behind it? How to check?Read your own content at the time of writing, proofread, and do spend some time reading your older one`s too. Does they leading to the end of article? Are you feeling distracted? Is it going off the topic? Are you really using the links provided in the article?Sometimes individual judgments never makes it to a better decision. So ask your friends to read your blog for you. Ask for the feedback via Readers?Are you using any automated tool to link the articles for you? Check it too.Ask yourself, are you linking the content just for the sake for linking? Just to revive some of your old posts?READSEO Guidelines for Real Estate WebsitesIf yes, then go ahead for the fix..Keep a check on your plugins used for such purposes, if possible, link articles manually.Do it(the linking) when it is really necessary. Not only it leads the readers to finish the article su ccessfully, but also lets him/her appreciate your work or they will comment their opinion too rather than coming out with no results.Keep the article to the point and use precise linking strategy.Never think that you alone has a archive of great articles, you can also link to the post which your fellow blogger has put an extra effort to expand it more than you do. So do share such articles with your readers. Do not forget our sole purpose is to help our readers and not to distract them.This Article is written by  Amit Sharma, passionate Blogger and Tech  Enthusiast who writes at  Pcmastero. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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Women s Rights During The 19th Century - 1606 Words

In the late nineteenth century, women were beginning to take a stand for their equal rights in society. The term â€Å"new woman† was used to describe these women, openly proclaiming their independence from men. It was a woman’s way to threaten the conventional ideas of society, and to bring about their own changes (Buzwell). Following their well-known suffrage movement, women claimed their freedom sexually, physically, and in the workplace. For many years’ prior, women were expected to be the typical housewife, watching over the house, cooking, and cleaning. They were property of their husbands. During their equal rights revolution, women pursued careers like doctors or lawyers and fulfilling their sexual desires for purposes other than bearing children. As today’s society may never know the struggles and misfortunes during the Victorian era, Dracula leaves a time capsule behind to elaborate on the realities during such a prominent generation (Podonsky). Considering this given criteria, a new woman comes in a variety of forms; some women represent a stronger sexual desire while others demonstrate character traits on equality in work and education. In the case of Dracula, the two main female characters take two different forms; one blatantly sexual and one chaste (Humphrey). Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula portrays the ideas of a â€Å"new woman† in a modern society, utilizing Mina’s and Lucy’s characters to display opposite characteristics of the feminist movement which draw attention toShow MoreRelatedWomen s Rights During The 19th Century1411 Words   |  6 Pagesparticipation of women. Garrison s idea is not supported by most of the abolitionists. Those abolitionists who did not want women to participate in established another abolitionist organization. Abolitionism, also known as abolition of slavery, is a political movement in order to abolishing the slave trade and slavery system. This movement began i n the Age of Enlightenment and went to the peak time in the 19th century. In many places, this movement was getting substantially success. A handful of women beganRead MoreWomen s Rights During The 19th Century1507 Words   |  7 PagesWomen’s Rights In The 19th Century The 19th century was an important period for women especially in Europe and North America. It was a crucial time for demand for change and women were at the forefront of it all. Viewed only as a homemaker, women found it difficult during this time to show society what they were capable of. Limitations on their capabilities created by gender stereotypes called for change. To understand the significance of the 19th century for women, one must consider the conditionsRead MoreThe During The 19th Century902 Words   |  4 PagesThe events in the 19th century had changed the lives of women and blacks completely. It was an age where the impact of the industrial revolution caused a sharp differentiation between the gender roles, especially of the upper and middle classes. In 19th century, appeared the events such as African American Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, and The Women’s Rights Movement had put women and blacks’ role to a new level. During the Civil War, women stepp ed out of their domestic domains to support theRead MoreWomen s Rights Movement And The Demand For Women Suffrage1650 Words   |  7 PagesThe woman s rights movement and the demand for woman suffrage emerged in the first half of the 19th century from a variety of other movements. A major goal of the woman s rights movement was to change public opinion regarding women s capacities and rights. Suffrage was one of several reforms intended to end the significant legal, political, religious, and cultural discriminations against nineteenth century women. Suffrage became the primary goal of the woman s rights movement during the 1850sRead MoreWomen s Rights For Women1465 Words   |  6 Pages Women’s rights in America in late 1800’s women’s right to vote women in medicine and the equal rights for women are the 3 main points that were big in the 1800’s. Women’s rights to vote women couldn’t vote back in the late 1800’s. Women had to stay home and take care of the children, cook and clean the house and when their husbands get home take care of them too. Although women had to do all those things they were not paid equal for the things they did. Women were told it is not job to vote thatRead MoreWomen s Struggle For Equal Rights860 Words   |  4 Pagespre-Revolutionary France and America, Women had no political rights and were forced to rely on men. The women were destined to live a life of a house wife, she was only seen competent enough in society to raise and educate kids and take care of her household. In both countries, the revolution increased the population’s attention to political matters and made liberty and equality very important to the people. Unfortunately, Women did not claim any rights during this time, but the women of the French RevolutionRead MoreWomen and Work in the 19th Century Essay9 20 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the 19th century, change was in the air. Industrialization, involving the movement of labor and resources away from agriculture and toward manufacturing and commercial industries, was in progress. As a result, thousands of women were moving from the domestic life to the industrial world. During the 19th century, the family economy was replaced by a new patriarchy which saw women moving from the small, safe world of family workshops or home-based businesses to larger scale sweatshops and factoriesRead MoreThe Fight For Women s Suffrage Movement1328 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fight For Women’s Suffrage The Women’s Suffrage Movement of the 1920’s worked to grant women the right to vote nationally, thereby allowing women more political equality. Due to many industrial and social changes during the early 19th century, many women were involved in social advocacy efforts, which eventually led them to advocate for their own right to vote and take part in government agencies. Women have been an integral part of society, working to help those in need, which then fueled aRead MoreThe Era Of Equality For Women1271 Words   |  6 PagesAnnie Zhou Mrs. Park English-11 22 April 2016 1920’s research— The Era of Equality for women The 1920s, known as â€Å"Roaring Twenties†, were an age of prosperity and changes, it’s one of the most special and colorful decade in the America history. Numerous exciting and unprecedented events happened during this decade, it was full of opportunity and remarkable people, the economic was blooming, new arts were formed and brand new ideas appeared, the national confliction emerged in large numbers, multipleRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Women s Suffrage Movement859 Words   |  4 Pagesof the women s suffrage movement in United States started in 1848. It gave women the right to vote. This movement when Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton called for a women s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. At the women s right convention in Seneca Falls, New York women demanded to have the equal right as men (education, property, voting, and etc). On August 18, 1920, after the long 72 year movement for women s rights 19th amendment was ratified. Originally the 19th Amendment

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The American Education System Has A Latino Face Essay

I. Introduction A. Hook â€Å"The most urgent problem for the American education system has a Latino face.† (Gà ¡ndara) B. Background Information- The nation’s fastest-growing minority of the united states, it is frequently related to academic failure and dropping out; even though, most of the Hispanic students are native-Born. For this reason, it is impossible to Pretend that the Latino crisis is just the result of an immigration problem. C. Thesis Statement – The Us education system is alarmingly promoting the Hispanic achievement gap with segregation, discouragement and discrimination. II. Body Paragraphs A. Body Paragraph 1 1.Topic Sentence For Hispanics in the United States, the educational experience sometimes can be a disadvantage. 2. Supporting Details- a) Introduce source and establish expertise (identify author and title of source; briefly-what makes this a reputable source) According to Marta Tienda and Faith Mitchell in the book â€Å"Hispanics and the future of America† another problem may be teacher’s perceptions of their student’s abilities. b) Quote or Paraphrase specific fact â€Å"Reardon and Galindo (2003) found that Hispanic students entering kindergarten were rated lower than white students by their teachers, regardless of their academic ability.† Tienda, Marta, and Faith Mitchell. Preface. Hispanics and the Future of America. Washington, D.C.: National Academies, 2006. 191. Hispanics and the Future of America. Web. Critically analyze source It would beShow MoreRelatedThe Hispanic Education Crisis998 Words   |  4 PagesThe Latinos education crisis is a prevalent issue in the United States. More and more research has uncovered magnanimous evidence that our education system is failing the students and thus creating a pipeline away from success and higher education and into gangs, prison and poverty. From 2011-12 alone Latinos made up almost a quarter of the enrolled students in public schools, Hispanic status dropout rate was 13% (higher than both African Americans at 8% and Whites at 4%), and 5% of all doctoralRead MoreImmigrants From Latin America s Annexation Of Mexico Essay1544 Words   |  7 Pages Historically, Latinos have struggled against ethnic labeling, immigration as well challenges surrounding education. This can traced back to mid-19th century when according to Harvest of Empire America’s annexation of Mexico which gave the United States Texas, California, and the southwest. â€Å"Mexico†™s territory was cut by half and its mineral resources by three-quarters. These appalling numbers help explain so much. In fact, you can arguably lay Mexico’s poverty and loss through emigration rightRead MoreThe Health System Of The United States Essay1487 Words   |  6 Pages health system to help treat them once arguably preventable health issues arise, why not take the opportunity to use the same system to help combat these unhealthy behaviors from the start. The U.S. health system could implement more educational opportunities, specific prevention programs, help reduce health disparities, increase health literacy, and offer incentives for healthy behaviors. Prior to determining what specific actions and policies to take within the U.S. health care system, we mustRead MoreEconomic Status Of The United States1637 Words   |  7 Pagespeople live. Income affects communities, housing opportunities, educational attainment, and resources provided, all of which can affect an individual’s health. In the United States, Latinos are one of the most socioeconomically marginalized groups. This is seen through the income, education, and occupations which Latinos attain in comparison to Caucasian individuals. Nonetheless, through analyzing this group of individuals in those areas it becomes evident that the socioeconomic status of an individualRead MoreHiv Prevention Among The Usa1285 Words   |  6 Pagesas HIV, is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. The virus specifically attacks the CD4 cells (T cells), which helps the immune system fight off infections. Overtime, HIV can destroy so many of these cells that body can†™t fight off infections and diseases. HIV cannot be cured but it can be controlled with proper treatment and medical care (â€Å"What is HIV/AIDS?†). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV inRead MoreMental Health Among Latino Communities Essay1172 Words   |  5 Pagesto Mental Health Among Latino Communities In the United States, the Latino American population has risen by over 40% within the past decade and accounts for over 17.1% of the Nations society. In 2050, the Latino Community is expected to make up nearly one-fourth of the population and 2/3 of the U.S. Hispanics are from the Mexican-American Subgroup. In the United States, there has been extensive research examining the prevalence of varying psychiatric disorders among the Latino Hispanic CommunitiesRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher Essay1577 Words   |  7 Pagesreason I commuted was because as a Latino I am very family oriented, so I want to be close to my family and save. I also had a job, with my job I would help my parents pay for my books, gas, and my car payment. Even though semester after semester I was always at risk of not returning because of the cost of tuition, I was able to finish in exactly four years. Of course, my dreams would have never been fulfilled if it was not for my family, who trusted the system and belie ved I was capable of obtainingRead MorePolitics And Its Impact On Hispanics941 Words   |  4 Pagesof politics on Latino in United States by studying various factors such as- population, citizenship status, geographic location and age. 2. The presentation talked about one of the core issue, which is Politics in this case, that affected Latino in USA. A thorough research was conducted to understand the causes and effects of politics and how it moulded the growth of Latinos in this country. 3. The learning outcome was to understand the role of politics and its impact on Latinos living in USA.Read MoreThe American Civil Liberties Union1630 Words   |  7 Pagescomparable rate. â€Å"While African Americans comprise 13% of the US population and 14% of monthly drug users they are 37% of the people arrested for drug offenses† (Marc Mauer). The police usually stop blacks and Latinos at rates higher than whites. Within New York City, the people of color make up about half of the city’s population, while 80% of all the police stops were of blacks and Latinos. When whites were stopped, only 8% were frisked. While blacks and Latinos are stopped 85% were frisked accordingRead MoreMulticulturalism And By Providing Valuable Tools And Insights For Working With Latino Families1446 Words   |  6 Pagesinsights for working with Latino families. Through research, it is suggested that the needs to employing effective clinical strategies for addressing issues that frequen tly confront Latino families, such as different migration histories, experiences of racial discrimination, acculturation conflicts, and other cultural dilemmas and challenges can result from adapting to a new cultural setting (Sue Sue, 2012).The United States is rapidly becoming culturally diverse with the Latino population recently becoming

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Graduation Speech High School - 895 Words

The normal teenager or even preteen goes through a phase in their life when their parents become annoying and desperately want to be grown and on their own. They feel like their parents just nag and fuss for the heck of it. Though I use to think my mom was just nagging for no reason very often, I now realize that everything she told me was beneficial and that I would need it later in life. It was the end of the nine weeks to my sucky so called â€Å"junior year† of high school, and I knew that I would be bringing home a C on my report card. Although my mom was a very sweet, loving person I knew she would be furious because she was a very work-oriented person. She always pushed for good grades for as long as I can remember. She would always say, Jori, have you done your homework? or Jori, are you ready for that test? I d always say, Of course mom, because I wanted to see her happy. When I got home from school I carried the mail in the house as I did every day, and I saw that my report card came. I thought about hiding it so my mom wouldn t know about it. I anxiously waited for her to get home from work. When she came in, she asked about my day, and we had our normal conversation about one another’s day. I desperately wanted to get this report card dilemma out of the way. I wondered what was so wrong with a C? I told her my report card came in. A big smile came across her face as I handed her the envelope. After she opened it, my heart instantly dropped. I could tell thatShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech : High School934 Words   |  4 Pageslife would be graduation. For many people, graduating from high school is an objective. It takes a lot of time, effort, and determination to accomplish that goal. For others graduation is the end of high school, and the beginning of a new chapter in life. When graduated people feel as if adulthood has begun. In the long run, graduating opens a lot of opportunities for people to thrive. I can almost reminisce the day as if it was yesterday. I was sitting in bed like any other school day. It seemedRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School852 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to a report from Thomas Nelson Community College website, 15.7 percent is the graduation rate in 2010. 84 percent of students failed to receive their degree. That’s beyond sad. College can be difficulty especially with everyday life is getting harder to main family life work and financials. Because college is challenging, I know that I have issues that I must overcome. I told myself the more patient s I have the better success I will have. Although college will be difficult my goal isRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Essay2254 Words   |  10 Pages The day I graduated from high school The High school graduation day is a life full of journeys for everyone, high school life is a memorable time for most people, for me as well. High school can be filled with lots of good memories for some people and it could be filled with bad memories, for me it was both I had good times and I had bad times. The High school Graduation day should definitely be the best day of your life because that means no more high school, no more having to wake up at 6Read MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation854 Words   |  4 Pagesfail High School graduation can be an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time in their lives where they begin to experience the kind of freedom that comes along with growing up. This freedom allows students to choose the type of college or University they would like to attend. It is necessary that they understand how responsible they need to be with the freedom that is being offered to them. When choosing what college or university to attend it may be tempting to want to go to a school thatRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation1507 Words   |  7 PagesForest English 1010 9/9/2014 Graduation During our lives, most of us have hated getting up early. Whether we as humans enjoy mornings or not, we’re always looking forward to that unforgettable day. That special is high school graduation for me. Graduation is a ceremony that recognizes students that have excelled through school. Graduation was one of the best days of my life, perhaps even better than the day that I started college. There is no other day like graduation where there comes this feelingRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Graduation933 Words   |  4 PagesHigh School Graduation With regards to high school graduation, Balfanz, Herzog, and Iver (2007) followed 12,972 Philadelphia students enrolled in traditional middle schools from six grade (1996-1997) until 1 year beyond their expected graduation from high school (2003-2004) in order to understand what indicators would affect their projected graduation date. Unlike many of the early K-8 schools, the population Balfanz et al followed consisted of 64% African American, 19% White, 12% Hispanic,Read MoreGraduation Speech On High School Graduation851 Words   |  4 PagesThere Is No Success Without The Opportunity to Fail High School graduation can be an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time when they begin to experience the kind of freedom that comes along with growing up. This freedom allows students to choose the type of college or University they would like to attend. It is necessary that they understand how responsible they need to be with the freedom that is being offered to them. When choosing what college or university they would like toRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School997 Words   |  4 Pagesup, I loved going to school and dreamed of one day attending college. Attending school every day and receiving good grades had become my top priority from K-12. I excelled from K-8th grade, but entering into high school was completely different than primary school. The atmosphere and environment was new to me, I was free to roam the halls or walk back out the door without any repercussions. This began my downward spiral in high school. My freshman year was by far the best school year for me becauseRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School897 Words   |  4 PagesHigh school was one of the most challenging moments in my life. Not only did I have to deal with the academic pressures and social issues from my peers I had external factors that were heavily impacting me as well. During my junior year my mom separated from her husband and me and my three little brothe rs ended up staying house to house with close relatives. Shortly after that time at the beginning of my senior year, my mom was sent to prison. In the midst of dealing with all of the demands thatRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School Essay1434 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I was in high school I had one goal, I would graduate top of my class and go to the University of Florida for pre-medicine, then onto their medical school. I never considered that I would want anything else, so I went to a specialty high school that would allow me to specialize in Biomedical sciences(STEM) and never even thought about the possibility of a life other than the one I had so precisely planned out for myself. When my nephews were born my sophomore year all of my priorities changed

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Rfeh free essay sample

Prerequisites: Mathematics through differential equations, freshman biology sequence, first year of physics, thermodynamics (physical chemistry). Course Objectives: At the end of this course the students should be able to do the following: ; Describe the fundamental conservation principles and constitutive laws that govern heat, mass and momentum transport processes. ; Develop the fundamental engineering skills that enable effective expertise for addressing novel biomedical applications including the design of systems that interface with or analyze living systems. Develop the fundamental engineering skills o enable the modeling or analysis of transport processes in living organisms. Required Textbooks: 1 . Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 6th Edition, by Incorporate, DeWitt, Bergman and Levine. 2. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, any Edition, by Munson, Young and Cockish. Other Useful Textbooks: Bootstrap: Principles and Applications, 1st Edition, Robert Rosella and Ken Dilled. Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition, Bird, Stewart and Lightproof. ABET Program Outcomes Achieved: 1.Apply knowledge of biological and physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering to solve problems at the interface of engineering and biology. We will write a custom essay sample on Rfeh or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 2. Identify, formulate and solve biomedical engineering problems that address contemporary issues within a global societal and economic context. 3. Recognize the need to pursue continuing educational opportunities in biomedical engineering and have the ability to do so. Attendance: Required for all class periods. The course is designed for much of the learning experience to occur during the class period.Student Feedback: take teaching very seriously and want to provide you with information in the most accessible and applicable format. Therefore, in addition to the end of term class evaluations, we will have two other feedback rivers during the term on Blackboard. These will give you an opportunity to raise any concerns and give me a chance to implement some of your suggests. Academic Honesty: I expect you to uphold the highest standards of academic honesty. The class will be highly interactive, and hopefully a lot of fun. However, any kind of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and severe disciplinary action will be taken. Class Etiquette: am a big fan of technology and collect the latest gadgets; however, there is a place for everything. Any kind of cell phone use will not be tolerated in class. This includes talking on the phone, receiving phone calls, SMS text messaging or even checking voice mall. I am expecting that all of us will keep our phones OFF, putting them on vibrate is not sufficient. Grading Format Homework Exam 1 Exam 2 20% If anal Exam 25% project 25% My Policies 1. Ill post the homework online the day they are assigned and collect them in-class one week later. 2. If all the homework assignments for the course are completed, the lowest homework score will be dropped from the final grade. 3. You are encouraged to study together and to discuss information and concepts covered in lecture and the sections with other students. You can vive consulting help to or receive consulting help from such students. However, this permissible cooperation should never involve one student having possession of a copy of all or part of work done by someone else. . Late homework/final projects will not be accepted. 5. Attendance to these sessions is required. UT Policies An engineering student must have the Deans approval to add or drop a course after the fourth class day of the semester. Adds and drops are not approved after the fourth class day except for good cause. Good cause is interpreted to be documented evidence of an extenuating nonacademic resistance (such as health or personal problems) that did not exist on or before the fourth class day.